Fees & Donations

Annual Fee

The squash ladder costs an annual fee of $20.  This money will be put towards the cost of running the website and the ongoing maintenance  

This fee implementation also allows us to use only local sponsors for the website and eliminate the random google ads that have been present for a couple years.

Payment Schedule, Grace Period and Pro-rating

  • Fees are due on October 1 or upon joining each year.   Players joining part way through the year still need to pay $20 each October 1. 
  • NEW Players have a 1 month grace period, players whom have not paid within one month will be removed from the ladder.
  • Players joining the ladder between September 1 and October 1 will be required to pay 1/2 the regular fee for the period up to October 1 in addition to the the regular fee on October 1.

How to Pay the Fee

Fees are paid at the club at the front desk along with the registration.

Donations are always welcome.  The money will be put towards the further development of improvements to the website.  Any left over funds will be put back into squash programs.  We will be trying to promote squash and the squash ladder system to other clubs and to squash organizations.  Any funds can help with those promotions.

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